Vollig Aire’s Basic Maintenance Department provides basic training including Theory and Practical work which leads to the acquisition of various basic aircraft maintenance licenses. The basic training requires a minimum number of training hours for the various license categories; 800 Hours for Category A and 2,400 Hours for Category B.

A required percentage of training hours for the development of practical skills on representative aircraft and systems is required. The practical experience requirement includes On-the-Job-Training (OJT) at FL Technics hangar in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the Basic Training, examination of all Part 66 Modules and formal assessment of practical competence is carried out.

On successful completion, graduates are issued a Certificate of Recognition of Approved Training. The Certificate of Recognition certifies that the holder has passed all the requirements of the course including each module examination and has also been assessed practically to be competent and safe when working with aircraft. Then the student can proceed to apply for the EASA Part 66 License, depending on the category of study.

The benefit of undertaking an approved course is that the students are given a thorough knowledge of aircraft structures, systems and operating phenomena, and the experience requirement following graduation is reduced.

For example, the normal minimum experience requirement prior to application for an EASA Part 66 Category B license is reduced from 5 years to 3 years for approved course graduates.

This experience may be gained before, during or after the approved course, although those entering an approved course, having already gained the 3 years experience must complete some further experience following graduation before applying for license issue, the actual amount of additional experience required can only be decided by the licensing authority.

The various programs offered in the Basic Maintenance Training department are;