The Human Factor course creates an in-depth understanding and awareness of the factors that contribute to human error; errors that lead to accidents and incidents that cost billions of dollars’ worth of damage and loss of life each year. Most, if not all, of these accidents are preventable! Human Factor training is a highly cost-effective tool that can help minimize human error and reduce accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to define human factors, identify relevant areas of application of human factors in aviation and other industries, and gain an appreciation of the importance of the human component and the human systems approach to aviation and aviation safety.

The various programs offered by Vollig Aire under Human Factors are;

Human Factors (Initial) training course will give students an introduction to Human Factors. This course is a mandatory requirement for all EASA Part 145 approved organizations as outlined in EASA145.A.30 (e) National Authorities 10 Part Programme.

Human Factors (Continuation) training course is a mandatory requirement to carry out “Continuation/Refresher Training” within every 2 year period as outlined in EASA145.A.30 (e) National Authorities 10 Part Program. The course will further explore the implications of error, organizational safety culture, procedures, safety policy, and methods of communication.