The Part66 Seminar & Examinations Department provides a reduced training for EASA Part 66 Modules and can be used by students/participants who are seeking

* Initial license issue
* Conversion of an existing license (e.g. N.C.A.A.)
* Extension to Basic EASA Part 66 license categories (e.g. B2 to A1.1)

The courses offer full training that covers the EASA Part 66 syllabus for each module and should not be viewed as a “crash course”.
These courses offered under Seminar + Examinations do NOT constitute an approved course therefore candidates must meet the full experience requirements as stated in the Part 66 Regulations.

The duration of Seminar and Examinations for any of the License Categories is less than 10 Weeks.
For students/participants who only wish to enroll in only specific modules, please check our training calendar for the next date of the modules you are interested in.